April 25, 2018

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[39호]더 커지고, 더 빨라진 ARM Cortex MCU 개발보드 Teensy 3.5 버전 출시!


더 커지고, 더 빨라진 ARM Cortex MCU

개발보드 Teensy 3.5 버전 출시!

Teensy는 브레드보드 친화적인 Pre-flashed Bootloader 개발보드로, 별도의 외장 프로그래머 없이도 USB 연결만을 통해서 쉽고 빠르게, 편리하게 프로그래밍을 시작할 수 있는 제품이다. C 또는 Arduino IDE, 아두이노 스케치를 위한 Teensyduino 애드온을 설치하는 등 취향에 맞는 프로그램으로 프로그래밍할 수 있어 매우 편리하다.

Teensy 3.5 버전은 더욱 커지고(62.3mm x 18.0mm), 더 빨라졌으며, 특히 MicroSD 카드 슬롯을 내장하여 이를 통한 다양한 프로젝트에 활용할 수 있다. 무엇보다도 업그레이드 된 ARM Cortex MCU(120MHz, 기존 버전은 72MHz)와, 보다 나은 메모리(512K, 기존 버전은 256K)뿐 아니라 RAM, EEPROM, 많아진 Pin Hole로 성능과 확장성을 모두 업그레이드 시켰다.




The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. Each Teensy 3.5 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB connection: no external programmer needed! You can program for the Teensy in your favorite program editor using C or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for it!

The processor on the Teensy also has access to the USB and can emulate any kind of USB device you need it to be, making it great for USB-MIDI and other HID projects. The 32-bit, 120MHz processor brings a few other features to the table as well, such as multiple channels of Direct Memory Access, several high-resolution ADCs and even an I2S digital audio interface! There are also four separate interval timers, plus a delay timer! Oh yeah, and all digital pins have interrupt capability and are 5V tolerant.

All of this functionality is jammed into a 62.3mm x 18.0mm board with all headers on a 0.1″ grid so you can slap it on a breadboard and get to work! The Teensy 3.5 (as well as its sibling, the Teensy 3.6) is larger, faster and capable of more projects, especially with its onboard micro SD card port. An upgraded ARM Cortex MCU (120MHz from 72MHz), more memory (512K from 256K), as well as more RAM, EEPROM and accessible pins make up the key new features of this “teensy” board. The Teensy 3.5 is slightly scaled down from the Teensy 3.6 but is offered at a cheaper price point, comparatively.

· 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with Floating Point Unit
· 512K Flash, 192K RAM, 4K EEPROM
· Microcontroller Chip MK64FX512VMD12
· 1 CAN Bus Port
· 16 General Purpose DMA Channels
· 5V Tolerance on All Digital I/O Pins
· 62 I/O Pins (42 breadboard friendly)
· 25 Analog Inputs to 2 ADCs with 13-bit resolution
· 2 Analog Outputs (DACs) with 12-bit resolution
· 20 PWM Outputs (Teensy 3.6 has 22 PWM)
· USB Full Speed (12Mbit/sec) Port
· Ethernet mac, capable of full 100Mbit/sec speed
· Native (4-bit SDIO) micro SD card port
· I2S Audio Port, 4-Channel Digital Audio Input & Output
· 14 Hardware Timers
· Cryptographic Acceleration Unit
· Random Number Generator
· CRC Computation Unit
· 6 Serial Ports (2 with FIFO and Fast Baud Rates)
· 3 SPI Ports (1 with FIFO)
· 3 I2C Ports
· Real-Time Clock

· Datasheet (MK64FX512VMD12)
· Teensy Quick Start
· Teensyduino Software
· Pin Assignment Charts
· Front
· Back
· Using the RTC


Teensy 3.5 [DEV-14055] 상세 구경하러 가기


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